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Outside the Villa a path leads to a small rocky coast where you could go for a swim.

There are two closest beaches from the villa, one is the small unorganized and wild beach of  Macherida around 800 m away from the villa. Another one is Tersanas beach around 1.7 km away which is a sandy organised beach with sun beds and several great taverns around.

Additionally the big and famous beach of Stavros is available around 4 km away from the villa. In Stavros village you will find two beaches, the main beach where “Zorbas” was filmed is located in the east side of the village and the second beach of Stavros is located in the north side of the village and has sand and rocks in places and is less organised than the first, but cleaner..

More beaches near the villa we suggest you to visit are :

-Kalathas beach (4.5 km): Kalathas beach is quite long and most of the time you will not feel crowded. However, if you're looking for a secluded spot, you'll probably find it in one of the sides of the beach. Be aware that Kalathas beach is being affected by the winds.

-Marathi beach (17 km): Marathi has two wonderful beaches, divided by the pier of the harbour and they are probably two of the best beaches in Akrotiri peninsula! Both are sandy and well organized with sun beds and umbrellas. The most important advantage in Marathi is that you'll almost never see the sea with waves, even when it blows in western Crete. Also it is ideal for families with children and there you can find taverns and cafes by the sea.

- Loutraki beach (16 km): Loutraki beach is a waveless beach with fine sand, between the rocky shore of the bay. Also there you will find restaurants and beach bars.

Furthermore, on the west of Crete you will find some of the most amazing and famous beaches of Crete and Greece like “Phalasarna”, “Balos”, “Gramvousa”, and “Elafonisi”.

Although those magical beaches are one and a half hour drive away from the villa, we definitely suggest you to visit them as we assure you that you will leave with unforgettable memories.


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